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Risks covered

The occupational risk scheme guarantees the provision of benefits in the event of an accident at work, travel and in the event of an occupational disease.


Any accident caused to the official, magistrate or agent of the Judicial Order by reason of or in connection with the work shall be regarded as an accident at work, whatever the cause.

The following shall be considered as commuting accidents :

- An accident occurring to an official, magistrate or judicial officer during the journey to and from his habitual residence or the place where he normally takes his rest and the place where he performs his duties or receive his remuneration and vice versa, insofar as the course has not been interrupted or diverted by a motive dictated by a personal interest or independent of the employment ;
- The accident occurring to an official, a magistrate or an agent of the Judicial Order during the journeys the expenses of which are borne by the employer ;
- The accident occurring on the first day of departure on leave and the last day of return of leave with the production of a leave entitlement.

Professional diseases :

Any medical condition arising as a consequence of the special risk inherent in the kind of work performed by the official, magistrate or agent of the Judicial Order or the atmosphere in which he was be determined by physical, chemical or biological agents.

Also considered as occupational diseases are the pathological conditions resulting from continuing action originating or existing as a result of employment and the environment in which the insured person is required to work.

Declarations :

The victim of an accident at work or journey must, in case of force majeure, absolute impossibility or legitimate reason, inform the employer. The same obligation rests with the beneficiaries of the insured.

The employer is obliged to declare to the ONPR, within 4 working days, any accidents at work, commuting or any occupational disease which are the victims of the employees occupied in his sector. In the event of a failure by the employer, the declaration may be made by the victim or his / her successors.

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