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Pension and Survivor’s Allowance

Survivor’s pension

Survivors are entitled to a survivor’s pension in the event of the death of an official, a magistrate or an agent of the Judicial Order :
- in activity ;
- the holder of an old-age, invalidity or early retirement pension ;
- at the date of his or her death, satisfied the conditions for eligibility for an old-age or invalidity pension or which totaled 180 months of insurance.

It is a spouse’s pension, an orphan’s pension or an annuity.

Benefits from a spouse’s pension :

- the surviving spouse of an official, a magistrate or an agent of the Judicial Order having this status at the time of death ;
- a bona fide spouse whose marriage is annulled after the death of the official, the Magistrate or the Agent of the Judicial Order except remarriage. The children whose father or mother was an official, magistrate or agent of the Judicial Order at the time of his death were entitled to an orphan’s pension and were entitled to a pension or to qualify for an old-age pension or disability, as well as children whose surviving offender has lost his or her own survivor pension following remarriage.

Benefit from an ascendant pension, the father and mother of an official, a magistrate or an officer of the Judicial Order who died unmarried without children.

Survivor’s Allowance

If the insured was not entitled to a disability pension and had less than 180 months of insurance, the beneficiaries are entitled to a survivor’s allowance paid in one installment.

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