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Establish a synergy to better report information (dimanche 15 septembre 2019)

The communicators of the Ministry of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender (MHRSAG) as well as the persons in charge of communication within the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) partners of this ministry met this Thursday, September 12, 2019 to discuss the establishment of a framework of collaboration in communication.
Mr Félix NGENDABANYIKWA, Permanent Secretary of the MHRSAG, indicated that the establishment of a synergy of these communication professionals will allow a better (...)

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Training of ONPR executives team in Geomatics. (lundi 9 septembre 2019)

ONPR organized geomatics training in Burundi’s political capital to enable its managers and staff to use ICTs in the management and monitoring of beneficiaries over time and space to combat benefit fraud. This 5-day training course is provided by the facilitators of the Geomatics Centralization Office.
Gitega, 02/09/2019 (ONPR)- Seven ONPR executives are currently undergoing geomatics training in Geographic Information Management Systems in Gitega, the new political capital of Burundi. ONPR (...)

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ONPR participates in the celebration of the 57th anniversary of the Independence of Burundi (jeudi 4 juillet 2019)

The 57th anniversary of Burundi’s independence was celebrated on Monday 01 July 2019 under the theme "Strengthen the country’s independence by implementing the constitution we have adopted".
The National Office of Pensions and Occupational Risks of Civil Servants, Magistrates and Judicial agents (ONPR), like all other institutions in the country, took part in the activities to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the Independence of Burundi which were marked by a long parade rich in colors. (...)

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